About Me

Hi , my name is Mirela or Max if that's easier for you :).
I am suppose to write things about me here but honestly , if there is one thing I am not good at all is to write about me :)).
I could probably write about the years and years of education and experience I have or the top of the line equipment I use but at the end of the day that doesn't say much about the most important part of the photography which is the emotion .

I started photography inspired bY peopleS feelings and emotions !

I never been attracted to perfect posing or the perfect backround because that is less important than that genuine smile , a tear of joy at a wedding or the goofy face you have when you are having fun.

My sessions are relaxed , casual , natural and even though there is a time limit for each ... I rarely respect it and most of the time I have so much fun that I totally forget about that :))

When I first started I never realized how much joy this will bring into my life , the friends , all the wonderful people I got to know and amazing memories I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Like I said , not very good at talking about me but I would really appreciate if you take a minute or two and see what they say about the experience they had working with me in the testimonials .

Thank you so much for taking the time discover my work !



“She is amazing! Great sense of humor but also straight forward! She captures your feelings and emotions. You don’t have to be worried about posing and other stuff, you just have to be yourself and the result will surprise you.
We chose Mirela for the baptism of our child and later for our family photos. We knew we had the most beautiful child in the world but she managed to point out that he had beautiful parents too!”

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